Why You Should Host a Family Game Night

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We can all remember playing board games like Monopoly, Scrabble, and Battleship when we were children. But as technology becomes more and more common, fewer families are gathering around the table to connect and play their favorite games. This is a shame. A family game night not only promotes family bonding but also have a plethora of benefits on the brain and overall wellbeing of growing children. Here’s why you should dedicate a few hours a week to turning off all electronics and gathering with your family around the dining room table to enjoy a night full of fun.

Families Are Not Receiving the Quality Time They Deserve

While modern technology is a wonderful tool and an effective form of entertainment, it is distracting us from spending quality time with members of our family. In fact, American families only spend an average of 37 minutes of quality time with each other per day.

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Hearing this statistic, it makes sense that 76% of Americans are dissatisfied with the amount of quality time their family spends together. In addition, 55% of Americans say that they are constantly looking for activities to do as a whole family. If you identify with these statistics then hosting a family game night may be the solution to your problem!

How Game Night Positively Affects Your Children and Your Family

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91% of polled individuals claim that game night gives their family a positive mood boost. 96% of families who play games together say that they feel more connected with one another. Aside from bringing the family closer together, board games have many positive effects on the development and well-being of our children. Board games can:

  • Develop strong character and teach good sportsmanship skills. Playing board games in a friendly and safe environment encourages our children to lose gracefully, celebrate their wins and teaches them to not take competition too seriously.
  • Promote problem-solving and enhance academic skills. Board games require children to think about their next moves and how they can create a positive outcome. This encourages problem identification and solving.
  • Reduce stress and focus energy in a positive outlet. Board games encourage laughter and fun, both of which reduce levels of stress.
  • Encourage positive social and communication skills. Board games require working with a partner or interacting with other players. This interaction teaches kids how to communicate effectively and respectfully.
  • Teach children how to follow rules. Express the rules to your children before playing, making sure they follow and adhere to the rules throughout the game. Following the rules is a skill that will last them throughout their lives.

How to Make the Most out of Family Game Night

While having a game night may seem like an easy task, finding a game that works for everyone and fully engages them may be more difficult than it sounds. Start out by finding a game that everyone can play and enjoy. Choose a game that is suitable for your child’s age but that you can also enjoy. Many games require critical math and English skills that will educate your kids and enhance their academic knowledge. These games can be quite fun and very beneficial to your kids; you may even learn something in the process!

If you want to make the most out of your game night, be sure to schedule it with the family so that everyone is on board. This doesn’t mean that you have to cancel other plans and make an official meeting time. Perhaps let everyone know in the morning that you would like to play a game right after dinner. This ensures everyone is already together and gives them something to look forward to throughout the day. Lastly, make sure all electronic devices are turned off before sitting down at the table. Having the TV on or phones at the table can be a distraction and will take away from the quality time you would like to have.

Hosting a family game night is one of the most fun and beneficial ways to spend quality time with your family and encourages love and support for each other. Grab your favorite games, your family and perhaps a few friends and create one of the most personal nights your family has had in a while!

Do you make a habit of family game night? Which of your favorite games work best for your family?

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