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Thank you for your interest!

Project Bold Life (PBL) delivers engaging content that educates, motivates and inspires our readers to take action, create positive change and live a successful, purposeful BOLD Life.

We are always looking for experienced and enthusiastic contributors to be part of the Project Bold Life writing team. If you are a talented writer with a message to share, we want you to contribute to Project Bold Life.

Our editorial team will work closely with you to deliver the best story possible—one that educates, entertains and provides a powerful message. At the same time, we will promote you and your message to our readers.

We work with writers all over the world. If you are passionate about sharing your knowledge with others, we want to work with you.

We cover areas that help individuals live a bold life—specifically focusing on the following 7 pillars: Health, Achievement, Career, Finances, Relationships, Giving Back, and Experiences. Take some time and familiarize yourself with our website, content and overall voice. If you have an area of expertise and a story in mind, tell us about it. Submit your story idea(s) to Write@ProjectBoldLife.com.

Our Guidelines:

  1. Stick to your area of expertise. Our readers want to learn from experts.
  2. Be original. The post must be written specifically for PBL and must not have been published previously (including your personal blog).
  3. Utilize peer-reviewed sources like scientific studies, academic journals, expert quotes, credible news outlets, etc. in your stories.
  4. List your sources. (i.e. If you share a study or statistic, include the link to your source.)
  5. Write a compelling introduction to entice the reader to read on.
  6. Provide a working title for your story and include it as your email subject line when submitting to PBL.
  7. Be brief. We are flexible on word count but stories with a range between 700-900 words usually work well.
  8. Tell us about yourself. Include a short 100 words or less bio, headshot, and links to your social channels you want to be promoted.
  9. Be aware. All articles written for PBL become the property of PBL and cannot be distributed/published as original content anywhere else.

By submitting your story to Project Bold Life, you acknowledge that you accept our guidelines above and agree to any editing the PBL editorial team determines necessary.

Please keep in mind that we receive several pitches every day. Please allow approximately 14 days for a response. Also, please note: we publish many stories every week and we may already be planning a story that is similar to your pitch. We are not responsible for any similarities between our future stories and your submission. Should we want to move forward with your story idea, we will tell you in writing.

Again, thank you for your interest in Project Bold Life! We look forward to hearing from you.

President, Project Bold Life

Project Bold Life Topics

The list of potential article topics below should be used as a guide for your pitch. It isn’t however a complete list. We realize there may be additional topics that would interest the Project Bold Life reader. We welcome all ideas!


Mental Health | Spiritual Health | Food/Nutrition/Recipes | Weight Management | Physical Fitness | Self-Care | Sleep | Disease Prevention | Women’s Health | Men’s Health | Aging


Self Discipline | Communication | Goal-Setting | Mentorship | Overcoming Fear | Changing Habits | Education | Coaching | Purpose


Productivity | Leadership | Entrepreneurship | Time Management | Success | Work-From-Home | Advancement | Networking | Teamwork | Sales


Wealth Management | Saving Money | Retirement Planning | Investing | Making Money | Scholarships | Big Purchases | Controlling Debt | Budgeting | Taxes


Kids | Marriage | Parenting | Pregnancy | Friendships | Caregiving | Sex

Giving Back

Community Involvement | Giving | Organizations | Philanthropy | Passions | MORE


Destinations | Ultimate Adventures | Trip Ideas | Top Hotels/Resorts | Cruises | Dining Bucket List | Thrill List | Sports & Festivals | Concerts | Cultural

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